More about @font-face: EOT TTF WOFF SVG free converter, CSS code generator

In this article I am going into more deep of Web Fonts and I am going to discuss here few tools, converters for web fonts. Also I am here to show you how you can generate CSS code automatically by some online tools. I have found few references on Web Fonts and I shall link them from this article also as reference reading.

Here I have discussed how to use Web Fonts in your webpage. Also in this page I am showing you how you can generate the CSS code automatically and showing you more standard CSS code to write in your webpages.

In my previous article I have shown you that : You can download good FREE WEB FONTs here : Fontex and FontSquirrel

You can generate by this webbased free converter :

  • A very good article here on Custom web font not working in IE9 .
  • How to use multiple @font-face in a webpage, read here