Absolute positioned DIV, inside relative container

Mixing relative positioning and absolute positioning together

How to apply absolute positioning inside relative positioning container element explained in this example. Here the container is a DIV block with relative positioning and an absolutely positioned element (it is also a DIV block) will be placed inside this container DIV.

In this example we have placed a container DIV with Gray background which is relatively positioned and a pink DIV which is actually a child div inside contained div.

This is child div


<div id="containerDiv">
<div id="childDiv">
This is child div

<style type="text/css">
#containerDiv { position:relative; width:300px; height:200px; background-color:#666}
#childDiv { position:absolute; top:30px; right:10px; width:100px; background-color: #C6C }

Absolutely positioned child div inside container div

Relative positioning has been set on DIV of id=containerDiv, any elements within containerDiv (id=containerDiv) will be positioned relative to containerDiv not with respect to the browser.
The child DIV (id=childDiv) is positioned absolutely within the "containerDiv". So the childDiv which has position:absolute will be placed inside containerDiv, not with respect to the browser.

Then we set childDiv properties as top:30px; right:10px;

So childDiv (id=childDiv)’s top right point will be placed 10px left from the right edge of container div (id=containerDiv) and 30px below the top edge of container div (id=containerDiv)

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