Using core Javascript how to Slide DIV, Fade a DIV, make Slideshow of DIVs

JavaScript that can slide a div horizontally : read the tutorial

Description : A very simple to code JavaScript Tutorial which can slide your DIV from left to the right. This is a tutorial without plain style and you can customize it easily.

Fancy JavaScript Slideshow – no framework required : This program has fading effect and one image appears one after another. This is a good tutorial on pure JavaScript without any Framework like jQuery.

Vertical centering using CSS- when child DIV placed in a ‘container DIV of fixed height’

How to vertically center a CHILD DIV inside a CONTAINER DIV of FIXED height. Child DIV height can be in Pixel or percentage of container DIV’s height.

Vertically center a DIV inside a container DIV element. The container can be relatively positioned. The child DIV should be absolutely positioned and its top, right, bottom, and left offset properties specify the element’s position w.r.t the container block (what the element is positioned relative to) and this value should be 0. So now use these properties to vertically center a DIV inside a container DIV element. Continue reading

2 column DIV layout problem : container DIV collapses and Footer comes up

Here container DIV has two child DIVs. Container DIV is relatively positioned. After container DIV a footer DIV BOX exists which also relatively positioned. Inside container DIV there exists two column DIVs which are absolutely positioned. Left colummn is of 60% width of container and right column is of 30% width.

Continue reading

Delete thousands of Pending Spam comments in wordpress instantly

Are you in trouble by 1000s of spam comments of WordPress? Everyday you are getting hundreds of spam comments and you are deleting them via WordPress dashboard -> comments link manually?

Here is a solution of the above mentioned problem and yes I don’t use plugins, because they slows up a site.

Do you know without a plugin you can do this and just you need to write SQL command for it. And you need your website database access for it. Use this SQL command

select * from wp_comments where comment_approved = “0”;

and this comment deletes all the pending comments. But by this command you only can kill all previously pending comments but cannot kill new spam comments which will be posted again..

If you are struggling to delete repeated comments and if you don’t want use plugins which slows up a website just contact me to get a permanent solution.

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Centering text, paragraph H1,H2 inside container DIV by using CSS

Inline elements are : IMG, STRONG, SPAN tag elements in a webpage.

Inline content includes such things as text, images, <strong> and <span> tags. To center inline content inside a block element (Normally Inline elements resides inside a BLOCK element like DIV, H1 etc) use text-align property applied to the next higher level block level container with the content to be aligned inside. Continue reading